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Pete Healey- Candidate for New York State Comptroller!

The Green Party of New York State will allow Pete Healey, founder of the PR Party of NYS, to stand before their nominating convention on May 15 and offer himself as their candidate for Comptroller of the State of New York. Pete successfully petitioned the Greens, including gathering the signatures of several of their state committee members, to be included and wants to thank the Green Party for this honor and distinction. Pete was a member of the Greens from 1996-2001. One of his reasons for leaving the party had to do with a political dispute over whether to pursue proportional representation on the county level, as Ulster County was at that time going through a conflict over redistricting and eventually convened a charter commission to write a new "constitution" for Ulster County.

Pete looks forward to presenting his case for making a constitutional convention and PR style reforms the major priority for Greens in New York's various campaigns this year. Go Greens!

Constitutional Convention

The PR Party is calling for a Constitutional Convention in New York State mainly to press for a modern democratic electoral system that would change the nature of elections for the state legislature and bring a multi-party democracy to our state. We also seek to remove Boards of Elections from the clutches of the two parties and bring them under public control. Please check back for more details soon!

State Legislative Races in 2010

In the recent past, 40% of all state legislative races (for both the Assembly and the Senate) have one major party candidate only and 50% have only token opposition by the other major party. The legislature elected this year will draw districts for the legislature and for New York's congressional delegation for the next ten years. We want to bring PR candidates to all such races to raise the issue of next year's apportionment and to call for a constitutional convention. Please check back for more details soon!

New Paltz, NY Unification

In 2008, we elected a Village Trustee in New Paltz who was instumental in bringing the issue of municipal consolidation to New Paltz, which has two overlapping municipal governments. A state grant to study the best methods of consolidation was won and the study is about to begin. One of the main reasons for bringing this issue to the forefront is to offer a plan for a consolidated government in New Paltz that is elected by proportional methods. Please check back for more details soon!

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