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"The U.S. National Security Agency in the Indian Embassy in Washington , the United Nations Office bugging ." Louis Vuitton Shoes Picked up on the 25th of the " Hindu" , the first thing that catches the eye is the eye-catching front page headline . Reported that the NSA top-secret documents obtained by the newspaper show that India's most important foreign diplomacy in which two nerve centers were chosen NSA eavesdropping equipment with advanced computer and telephone penetration of its "target location ." Such a device could enable them to obtain a large number of internet communication data , e-mail , phone or even digital storage of official documents. Documents show that the U.S. espionage equipment staring through four diplomats and high-ranking officers of the Indian office : Lifesaver, can produce an image of a computer hard drive ; Highlands, collected from the implant digital information ; Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Vagrant, from an open computer screen to collect data ; Magentic, collection of digital signals. India an anonymous diplomat said , "We are still assessing damage situations and if they succeed copied our hard drive, that can be imagined ."

24, " The Hindu" on the front page has been sounding the "NSA targeting Indian politics , space and nuclear programs ," the alert. Reported , NSA top-secret documents printed with " 589 final product reports ," the words " final product " is the best screening raw intelligence official report . Indian intelligence agencies , an official said, " this document ' final product ' mention politics , aerospace and nuclear content, which means that these important figures related to the field of e-mail , SMS , phone and audiences are monitored , Louis Vuitton Purses NSA derive intelligence , which means that they monitor in real time our political leaders , officials and scientists communicate with each other . "

" India is one of five goals NSA , lower than Iran, Pakistan , higher than China and Russia ." United States, " International Business Times " 24 reported that " global hot spots map" shows that India is in "deep orange- yellow to red ," while China , Russia and Brazil , in the green or yellow zones. Global heat map to monitor the extent of colors , from green to red , the red represents the highest level of monitoring . "The world's largest democracy , but also the NSA spying one of the most important goals ." German " Berliner Zeitung " on the 24th seemed surprised. Louis Vuitton Luggage "The Hindu ", said to get the documents show that India is an enemy of the United States placed in the column .

India's Ministry of the Interior a senior official confided , " The Hindu" admitted , NSA listening to the government , " annoyed ", " If the Americans bugging our politicians , who control the nuclear program tracking , space planners telephone and mail , they negotiations with India will have a huge advantage at the negotiating table before we went , they had mastered the situation , which not only violates our sovereignty , but also on our decision-making process completely invaded . " 25, 2011 , Singh visited the United States , and to participate in the General Assembly , the 27th summit with Obama . Louis Vuitton Handbags Dasgupta India's Communist leaders to meet with Obama Tuesday requirements Singh raised questions NSA listens , he said in a letter to Singh , "If the reports are true, India's humiliating to the destruction of the sovereignty , national security was vile prejudice , civic privacy has been abused . "

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