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The ship can carry helicopters , in the case of non- supply of long-term voyage. According to reports, "building front " was originally mainly in western Japan, Fukuoka , Saga , Nagasaki , Oita , Yamaguchi Prefecture near the sea and other activities . 25 morning , "building former" number from Fukuoka Hakata port of departure , louis vuitton outlet store go to Okinawa , and will be on October 2 formally incorporated into the 11th District . The patrol captain Nishida wide on the 25th made ??it clear , " adjusted aims to strengthen the waters surrounding the Senkaku Islands garrison measures ." So far , the first 11 zones have two large patrol boats capable of carrying helicopters , patrol boats will be increased to 11 the total number . There are 11 Japan Coast Guard Coast Guard Headquarters . "Asahi Shimbun" said the 2010 mid-September Day " Diaoyu Islands collision " after the incident , the Sea of ??Japan increasing emphasis on security readiness 11th District into the construction of new vessels . Year 2014 annual and 2015 , will have four and six new vessels in service, adding " Diaoyu exclusive system ."

In addition, according to Japan's Jiji news agency quoted the 25th Hong Kong media reports , cheap louis vuitton handbags originally planned to go to the Diaoyu Islands on the 26th "World Chinese Diaoyu Islands Union" postponed due to typhoon action to sea after October 7 , the goal is landing Diaoyu Islands . Spanish " Europe and China Daily" reported , 22, a 12 year-old Chinese girl body in Spain Santiago - Santiago de Compostela in a forest near the city was found that the deceased mother on the 24th because of the Spanish state vague and inconsistent testimony before and after being arrested by the police , and because of the emergence of new evidence and charged with murder . Victimized Chinese girl living in the street camera caught his Spanish mother drove her through the screen , Louis Vuitton Shoes the police speculated that this may be the last of the missing girl video screen , also contributed to the reasons for the missing girl .

Dead end on the 24th cremation ceremony . Earlier, the police initially concluded that the body condition , the deceased may be sexually abused after being strangled . After the autopsy , forensic draw final conclusions : the girl was not subjected to any form of sexual violence , she was suffocated . Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Forensic has the stomach for girls residue sampling was conducted in order to verify whether the poisoning before the murder . According to the girl home and found the body of the place , the police believe that the girl found the body in the woods , not the place of death for girls . And discarding the body is very close to the main road from where pedestrians can easily find the bodies of the grass , apparently , the murderer also hope pedestrian discovered the body as soon as possible .

It is learned that the deceased's father is a reporter , Mingjiao Alfonso , mother is a lawyer , called Rosario Porto . Deceased in school was very good and skip a grade student . Louis Vuitton PursesHis mother said, " Daughter" is about 20:00 to leave home to go to a friend's house . But according to the victim 's mobile phone to provide students chat records show the date of the victims refused to go out and meet the students because she has not done homework . The victim's mother also said that in the summer , a man entered her home in an attempt to strangle this girl , ran into her in, "murderer" fled. However, such a terrible thing, she did not alarm . When the police asked about their origins, the girls mother began to hum and haw . Police are yet to find the murderer. The case has aroused the fears of parents and students in schools with the deceased female students said : "I never afraid of a man walking in the street , and now I'm afraid ! "

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