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25 U.S. Department of State Bulletin, Secretary of State Warren during the day in the United Nations General Assembly signed the " Arms Trade Treaty " , the U.S. became the first since the opening for signature of the treaty signed by 91 countries . louis vuitton outlet store United Nations General Assembly in April this year by 154 votes in favor, 23 abstentions and three votes against the voting results " Arms Trade Treaty ", which was the first one to the value of $ 70 billion annually regulatory trade in conventional arms global treaty . Since June 3 Treaty open for signature by all States from when Britain, France and other countries to become the first signatories.

America is now the world 's number one arms trading power. The State Council said on that day , the international trade in conventional arms treaty would provide a common standard that can help improve global security and U.S. cheap louis vuitton bags national security and reduce the risk of international transfers of conventional arms , avoiding weapons were used to commit genocide , crimes against humanity , war crimes and other the most serious crimes . States Parties are required to establish tanks, tanks , aircraft, warships, missiles , artillery systems, small arms, light weapons and other eight categories of conventional arms export regulatory standards. According to the procedure , the treaty will be signed in the first 50 countries according to the procedure of ratification deposited into effect after 90 days . The State Department said , there are four countries officially approved " Louis Vuitton Shoes Arms Trade Treaty ." State Department said the United States has established a high standard of arms export rules , adding " Arms Trade Treaty " will not result in any additional import and export control measures.

In the United States signed the " Arms Trade Treaty " before , there has been a lot of domestic opposition that the clause dating affect U.S. national interests. Senior Senator Bob Corker had a letter addressed to President Barack Obama said there was no approval of the Senate , the government can not implement the treaty because the treaty would probably bring about some alleged violation of the U.S. Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Constitution Second Amendment issue. The amendment that the people to keep and bear arms shall be inviolable. The State Council said on that day , " Arms Trade Treaty " has made it clear that any country has the right in accordance with national laws and regulations in the territory of conventional weapons use . Therefore , the treaty does not infringe any of the provisions American citizens basic rights , Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution with no conflicts.

According to Japan's "Asahi Shimbun" reported on the 25th , in response to Chinese maritime police boat cruising the waters near the Diaoyu Islands , Japan Coast Guard under section 25, the original seven Regional Coast Guard Headquarters ( located in Kitakyushu ) , large-scale displacement of 3100 tons patrol "building front " was sent to go to headquarters in Naha District No. 11 , Louis Vuitton Purses and renamed "Okinawa " sign . The report said that this is the beginning of this year, the Japanese government announced the establishment of " Diaoyu exclusive system " of the " first wave ."

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