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Marisa Zhu Rato Abramovich According to the Australian New Express Network on September 25 reported that the Australian model talent show " supermodel ", the 16 -year-old Melbourne girl Marissa Zhu Rato Abramovich emerged as champions . She claims his forehead big enough to put down seven fingers, but it is such a unique facial structure , Louis Vuitton Outlet to help her get everyone and the judges recognized. According to reports, the evening of 24 young girls in Sydney Star City in front of many fans , the honor to put on the 2013 Australian supermodel contest champion crown. Zhu Rato Abramovich 's mother very proud . She said that a child such a large forehead made ??her very sad, but now she is very proud . Zhu Rato Popovich was defeated Melbourne girl Ni Ya Dake · Setuo and Shanna manager Martin obtained after this title .

Competition judges said Dawson , Zhu Rato Abramovich looks very unique , like "alien baby" , Louis Vuitton Shoes is very compelling. "She famously looks, so that other factors have become less important ." However, the 16- year-old winner said she had never intended to participate in the interview , she felt she does not have this capability. She said he was to accompany a friend to attend an interview , the intention to join. According to the Japanese Zakzak website reported on September 25 , a professor at Korea University and Stone recently wrote that " to use feng shui to suppress Japan ," the Japanese netizens stunned beyond . The professor said in the article , Louis Vuitton Sunglasses is located in southwestern South Jeolla Province, South Korea Jiri Temple in the foothills of the real , the original is just to " stop the flow of the gas in Japan and the construction of good fortune ." Reality temple has bell , bell printed map of Japan , " weekdays hit once every minute , just as a symbol of Japan's Mount Fuji as an assault ."

Zakzak website commented that Mount Fuji as a symbol of Japan and was " beaten " saying both people feel angry and amused. In Korea, many people think that the fate of the nation state as well as the natural environment will be around . Louis Vuitton Purses And this article proves that the so-called "feng shui " said had deeply penetrated into the hearts of the Korean people . However, poor economic conditions in the current South Korean case , Korean also find ways to the Japanese practice of finding fault, it does not make sense.

For Korean superstition " feng shui " one said , Zakzak site also pointed out that the South Korean capital Seoul is in the late 14th century through the " geomancy " and finalized . In addition, during the Korean Peninsula under Japanese rule for land surveying and lay stakes are also considered to be Japanese Korean as a " strategy " that " in order to block the South Korean wealthy Reiki Ley , Louis Vuitton Luggage making South Korea appears not VIP . " French "Le Figaro" on September 25 reported that in some special cases, the human intestine can use to get from food produced by fermentation of sugar alcohol. Reported that the U.S. a few years ago, 61-year-old man in a hospital emergency room, said his head Youteng dizzy. Alcohol test results show that the man liter of blood alcohol content reached 400 grams, the figure was U.S. legal requirements ratio five times. However, this is certainly the man he did not drink.

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