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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe 25 pm local time in New York, said in a speech, to amend the constitution to ban collective self-interpretation aims to make Japan into a "world peace and stability in the country to contribute more actively." He said he was determined to make Japan a "positive pacifist nation." louis vuitton outlet Abe in his speech cited the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to participate in UN peacekeeping operations in other countries as well as with the SDF troops being attacked U.S. ships sailing ship with the situation being attacked. He said: "His country's armed forces attacked the Japanese forces can not provide help if help, it would exercise collective self-defense, in accordance with current interpretation of the Constitution is unconstitutional."

Abe said: "how to deal with this problem, we are careful study." He stressed: "In the United States bear the primary role of the security framework, Louis Vuitton Shoes Japan can not become a weak link." He also said: "the historic mission entrusted to me is prompted Japan to become active pacifist proud standard-bearer. " Abe also explains why the Japanese government in 2013, after a lapse of 11 years, the annual budget increased defense fees. He also responds to the outside of Japan's "right" of the accused said: "If you want I called right-wing militarists, then please yourself." South Korean President Park Geun-hye, the 26th meeting of the State Budget for next year on the basis of old-age pensioners to reduce the issue to the national target apologized to all the elderly who can not provide the basis for pension annuities feel sorry for, Louis Vuitton Sunglasses but not before giving her to do in the presidential election a promise that she would term basis for the effective implementation of the commitment to go all old-age pension.

Park Geun-hye explains that in the context of the global economic slump, the Republic of Korea is facing a serious shortage of revenue, hence need to focus on improving the current fiscal soundness, Louis Vuitton Sunglasses in view of the reduced basic pension had to make a decision. She said that there are views that should re-examine the basic pension, but she thought it was not a responsible attitude. The South Korean government will improve the financial condition and access to national consent, for the upstream 30% on income of the elderly are also provided pensions. The South Korean government on the 26th to finalize next year's government budget. According to the Budget, the government next year's budget revenues and expenditures were 370.7 trillion won and 357.7 trillion won, the budget deficit of 25.9 trillion won, the budget deficit is expected to gross domestic product (GDP) ratio of 1.8%.

Among them, the fields of employment, welfare, budget reached 105.9 trillion won, an increase of the maximum, and the total budget expenditure in proportion as high as 29.4 percent, accounting for a record of the most successive governments. Nevertheless, the basic pension recipients aged significantly reduced target range, Louis Vuitton Luggage Park Geun-hye president in the presidential election had promised a change in policy, aroused enthusiastic response. Park Geun-hye had promised in the presidential election, the government will be paid over 65 years old 200,000 won per month pension, but the government's budget shows that only belong to the lower income levels 70 percent of elderly people aged over 65 years gold.

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