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Located in the northeastern part of North Korean city of Rason by Rajin and merger of the two pioneers , is located at the junction of North Korea , Russia and China , mountains and the sea , Riverside berthing , described as " a single glance the Three Kingdoms , crowing Jiang Wen three " innate favorable natural and geographical conditions it has economic potential can not be ignored . gucci outlet online Rason Economic Trade Area of the Korean foreign investment , seek exchanges and cooperation an important window . Reporters recently should the DPRK Foreign Ministry and the provincial railway invitation with some diplomats and reporters stationed together toward visited this economic cooperation " Golden Triangle ." We train from Pyongyang to the north, all the way to walk through the fields and mountains , via Pyongan , South Hamgyong , North Hamgyong three Road , which lasted more than 30 hours, and finally arrived in Rason .

Rason economic and trade zone was established in December 1991 , before his death decisions by President Kim Il Sung , Kim Jong Il's leadership to promote national cause. DPRK party and government attach great importance to economic and trade zone . Gucci Handbags January 2010 , the DPRK will upgrade Rason City Special City ; December 3, 2011 , the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly Committee adopted the amendments and supplements after Korea Rason Economic Trade Zone Act , increased the number of content, such as for investment in infrastructure construction, high-tech industries and the production of internationally competitive products companies give special incentives. DPRK Rason economic and trade zone positioning is implemented preferential policies of the Korean economy , Gucci Backpack DC, want to build it into an advanced manufacturing base , international logistics center , service base , regional tourism center.

Enter Rason , reporters soon felt the " Chinese elements ." Here Jilin Province, adjacent to China , many Chinese businessmen active in a lot of road signs , restaurant, shops are marked with the DPRK in both languages ??, while urban areas are not able to see the Chinese license plate of the vehicle. Here RMB popular favor , many hotels, restaurants, taxis and so accept RMB paying .The reporter felt that the DPRK on the Rason economic trade zone development is full of expectations, particularly with countries hope to have more opportunities for exchanges and cooperation . Rason City People's Committee chairman Zhaozheng Hao said: " Lo the future will be in all respects to take measures to protect foreign investment and promote economic development in Rason , Gucci Duffle welcome to Rason ." Rason City People's Committee Vice Chairman Huang Zhenan parting off when it more simply: " we are all ready , looking forward to more cooperation in the future ! "

October 26, 2012 , Sino-Korean joint development , joint management of Rason Economic Trade Commission unveiled the first in Romania to Rason economic and trade zone development has injected new impetus. Currently DPRK cooperation has made ??a series of positive results , such as: Jilin Circle River to North Korea 's Rajin port road reconstruction project completed and put into use Gucci Briefcases domestic trade through the port of Rajin cross-border transport of goods shipped ; China Great Northern Wilderness Group Luo Luo cooperation with the City to establish a friendly and Great Northern Wilderness agricultural company , its efficient agriculture demonstration zone in September 2012 has been put into operation

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