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Iraqi police on the 25th , said at noon that day to militants in northern Iraq town of Ha Weijie attacks and government institutions and security forces exchanged fire cheap nike shoes online killing at least 15 people were killed and conflict , 30 people were injured. An Iraqi Kirkuk province police source told Xinhua News Agency reporters , located 220 km north of Baghdad at Ha Weijie town were militants and two police stations in the city hall office door detonate bombs , but also the town's police headquarters to launch six mortar shells . Subsequently , dozens of armed militants attack town hall , and with the Iraqi security forces during fierce fighting .

Police sources said the name of the conflict has killed seven civilians, three soldiers and five militants were killed and 30 people were injured. Iraqi security forces now have control of the security situation in the town of Ha Weijie , Nike Air Griffey Max 1 and the remnants of militants manhunt . This year, the Iraqi terrorist activities and violent attacks occur frequently, the security situation is very grim. According to the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq to provide data , from January to August this year , Iraq civilian deaths and injuries has reached nearly 5,000 people and 1.2 million people. According to Kyodo News, the U.S. Marine Corps Futenma Air Station in Okinawa to the newly deployed 12 new transport aircraft " Osprey" from the last one on the 25th arrived in Yamaguchi Iwakuni base of the airport Nike Zoom Kobe 7 the second batch of deploying all the work is completed. Coupled with the deployment of 12 last year , the Futenma Air Station 's " Osprey" reach a total of 24 .

Governor of Okinawa Chung Ino Hiroshi more on the 25th interview stressed: " prefectural unrest has been eliminated . Should not be concentrated in Okinawa , and should be deployed to disperse over Japan ." U.S. Marine Corps in July to deploy 12 new " Osprey" shipped to Iwakuni base, although as of August 12 of which 11 have been transferred to the Futenma Air Station , but there are a stay at Iwakuni base. Reason may be that the machine is faulty . Nike Lebron 10 Finally a " Osprey" at 15:00 on the 25th or so from the Iwakuni base off , arrived around 5:15 Futenma Air Station . Iwakuni received before takeoff defense defense ministry China Shikoku Bureau notice said "Osprey may Arrive in Futenma Air Station ." Although the Marines called " Osprey" is replaced with old-fashioned compared to CH-46 medium transport aircraft , the flight speed and endurance distance has been greatly improved , but the research and development stage beginning frequent crash . Aug. 26 and landed in Nevada because of failure of fire, " Osprey" security concern.

Peruvian Geophysical Institute confirmed that the southern coast of Peru Local time at 11:42 on the 25th (Beijing time at 0:42 on the 26th) occurred 6.9 earthquake. Peru is currently no official casualties and property damage were reported. Under Peruvian Geophysical Institute data, the earthquake epicenter was located province of Arequipa in southern Peru, the focal depth of 30 km. Nike Free Run 3 Arequipa surrounding areas and 500 km away from the epicenter in Lima are clearly felt. According to local RPP radio reported that the earthquake lasted for 50 seconds, after the earthquake, Arequipa residents ran out of the house. Peru is located in circum-Pacific seismic belt, is an earthquake-prone country. August 15, 2007, Peru Ica province's 7.5 earthquake has killed about 600 people were killed and 1,200 injured.

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