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July 18, a black bear uninvited, into Colorado, a bar, when all the guests have not noticed this intruder. According to U.S. media reported on September 24, a black bear broke into the evening on the day of a bar downtown Juneau. Tiffany Outlet After being female bartender at the wrist, it actually meekly left. Female bartender Ariel? Svetlana Lick - McCarthy said she was scared, yelled: "Bears are not welcome here! You gave me out! You can not stay here!" Black bear even obediently "follow orders" within a few seconds left. McCarthy on the black bear was very pleased so obedient, she said, this bear behaved than some much Shuajiu Feng customers.

Alaska biologist Ryan - Scott said that very few are able to see in the business district of Juneau, black bear, they had actually broke into houses. He said the female bar doing well, leaving a black bear to hear the good news. This summer, Tiffany Cuff Link Alaska wildlife officials forced to kill a threat to public safety Juneau two bears. As early as July 18 this year, an uninvited Colorado black bear broke into a bar, the bar music was great, and all guests have not noticed this "uninvited guest", the bar owner is in the second morning only to find that it looked at the monitor.

Spanish royal family on the 24th, Tiffany Pendants said King Juan Carlos successfully underwent left hip replacement surgery. Juan Carlos aged 75, who had left last November, hip replacement surgery, but the artificial joint infection, pain, leading to difficulty in walking. Doctors then decided to replace the artificial left hip for a king. Royal staff said Carlos in Madrid, the capital of the western suburbs of Kieron private hospital for surgery, operation lasted two and a half hours. U.S. medical experts to Miguel Kawaneila hip surgery, said Carlos also face artificial left hip that may arise surrounding tissue infections, need more surgery. Tiffany Necklaces Right now, Carlos subject last six weeks of intravenous antibiotic injections, and 2-week observation period.

Many analysts believe that the agony of Carlos may be due to inability to perform duties of the king abdicated, pass seat to Prince Philip. However, the royal family who previously thought, Carlos no time to consider whether or abdication of the king during the postoperative rehabilitation responsibilities to act as Crown Prince. More than a year, Carlos frequently undergo surgery. Last April, Carlos to African countries like Botswana, when hunting "accidental fall", leading to three fractures, the month of right hip replacement surgery, followed by right hip because of the shift to undergo surgery; Last November, Carlos underwent left hip replacement surgery. Tiffany Bracelets In March this year, Carlos suffering from disc into the center of Madrid Milagrosa Hospital to undergo surgery at the lower spine.Nairobi, Kenya, Africa is seen as connected with an important hub in East Africa , the only one set up in developing countries, the UN headquarters here, a large number of diplomatic personnel and missions abroad , as well as thousands of visitors , the media analysts said the attack also aimed at combating Kenya tourism.

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