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In this man the first two years after admission, the doctor in order to eliminate suspected of an experiment. Cheap Air Max Shoes They practiced this man isolated 24 hours. The isolation period, the man with big sugar-rich foods can be a meal, but were unable to obtain any alcoholic beverages. Meanwhile, the medical staff every two hours will be on the men's blood alcohol concentration for analysis. However, after a few hours in the men eating lunch, and its per liter of blood alcohol content reaches about two grams. Reported that this spot caused several cases of interest to researchers. A few months ago, these researchers at a medical newspapers published a research report. In the report, they give the conclusion that the man was suffering from a rare Nike Air Max 90 "automatic fermentation syndrome", this disease makes the man's body organs can produce their own wine.

Marisa Zhu Rato Abramovich According to the Australian New Express Network on September 25 reported that the Australian model talent show "supermodel", the 16-year-old Melbourne girl Marissa Zhu Rato Abramovich emerged as champions. She claims his forehead big enough to put down seven fingers, but it is such a unique facial structure, to help her get everyone and the judges recognized. Nike Air Max 2011 According to reports, the evening of 24 young girls in Sydney Star City in front of many fans, the honor to put on the 2013 Australian supermodel contest champion crown. Zhu Rato Abramovich's mother very proud. She said that a child such a large forehead made ??her very sad, but now she is very proud. Zhu Rato Popovich was defeated Melbourne girl Ni Ya Dake · Setuo and Shanna manager Martin obtained after this title.

Competition judges said Dawson, Zhu Rato Abramovich looks very unique, like "alien baby", is very compelling. "She famously looks, so that other factors have become less important." Nike Air Max 87 However, the 16-year-old winner said she had never intended to participate in the interview, she felt she does not have this capability. She said he was to accompany a friend to attend an interview, the intention to join. According to the British "Daily Mirror" reported that kid afraid of the tiger, four-year-old British boy accused gunman Pryor is "bad guys", scared cold sweat fly beside her mother, but the gunmen thought that Pryor courage , then let go of him, his mother and six-year-old sister. Reported that wearing a printed "I Love New York" T-shirt holding AK47 Pryor saw gunmen approached, his mother in the leg has been shot. Pryor was afraid his mother and sister in distress, suddenly stood up and said the gunmen shouted: "You are a bad person, let us go."

Curiously, the gunmen heard no angry, crashed release of I, and gave him into chocolate bars, Nike Air Max 2013 to Pryor said: "Please forgive me, we're not monsters." Pryor then took their mother to leave chocolate whose 35-year-old mother were scared sounded livid. Pryor lived in Nairobi, shooting the day as usual with her mother and six-year-old sister Amelie Amber to Westgate Mall supermarket to buy daily necessities, suddenly there came a terrible shots, Amber immediately hid with two children frozen bottom of the tank. Heard the gunman asked, Nike Air Max 2012 "have no children, you can leave in advance," Amber hold a lifeline shouted, "There!." Unfortunately gunmen mercy only child, Amber thigh was gunshot wounds, Pryor so unthinkingly, restrained gunmen atrocities.

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