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According to the " Voice of Russia " website news, Kenyan police have arrested a British Somalis , Louis Vuitton Outlet who allegedly participated in the Nairobi mall leading to death 67 people were killed and hostage-taking incident . This news has been confirmed by the British Foreign Ministry spokesman . The sources did not comment on this one was arrested , only revealed that the local government prepared to provide consular assistance . In addition, according to Japan's Jiji news agency quoted the 25th Hong Kong media reports , originally planned to go to the Diaoyu Islands on the 26th "World Chinese Diaoyu Islands Union" postponed due to typhoon action to sea after October 7 , the goal is landing Diaoyu Islands .

British " Daily Mail" said a 35 -year-old Englishman in Nairobi, Kenya, had been arrested by the police when the border . He plans to take a Turkish Airlines flight to leave Kenya . This person acts suspiciously , his face blue, wearing a pair of sunglasses. According to the arrested persons , said he recently injured while traveling to Somalia . Kenya Security Bureau is the suspect for questioning . Louis Vuitton Sunglasses According to the preliminary identification of his British passport is true , above Kenya visa , but there are no border guards stamped to prove their transit time and place of the seal. Earlier it was reported that Kenya at Nairobi airport by the police arrested a Dutch citizen , who plan to visit Turkey. According to Kenya's Ministry of the Interior said police were arrested in Nairobi airport more than 10 suspected of involvement in terrorist attack suspects.

According to Japan's "Asahi Shimbun" reported on the 25th , in response to Chinese maritime police boat cruising the waters near the Diaoyu Islands , Japan Coast Guard under section 25, the original seven Regional Coast Guard Headquarters ( located in Kitakyushu ) , Louis Vuitton Purses large-scale displacement of 3100 tons patrol "building front " was sent to go to headquarters in Naha District No. 11 , and renamed "Okinawa " sign . The report said that this is the beginning of this year, the Japanese government announced the establishment of " Diaoyu exclusive system " of the " first wave ."

The ship can carry helicopters , in the case of non- supply of long-term voyage. According to reports, Louis Vuitton Luggage "building front " was originally mainly in western Japan, Fukuoka , Saga , Nagasaki , Oita , Yamaguchi Prefecture near the sea and other activities . 25 morning , "building former" number from Fukuoka Hakata port of departure , go to Okinawa , and will be on October 2 formally incorporated into the 11th District . The patrol captain Nishida wide on the 25th made ??it clear , " adjusted aims to strengthen the waters surrounding the Senkaku Islands garrison measures ." So far , the first 11 zones have two large patrol boats capable of carrying helicopters , patrol boats will be increased to 11 the total number . There are 11 Japan Coast Guard Coast Guard Headquarters . "Asahi Shimbun" said the 2010 mid-September Day " Diaoyu Islands collision " after the incident , the Sea of ??Japan increasing emphasis on security readiness 11th District into the construction of new vessels . Louis Vuitton Handbags Year 2014 annual and 2015 , will have four and six new vessels in service, adding " Diaoyu exclusive system ."

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