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According to foreign media reports, Pakistani officials said Thursday , the country's southwestern 7.7 earthquake killed at least 348 people were killed so far , Louis Vuitton Handbags more than 500 people were injured , and the death toll could rise further. Pakistan's Balochistan province on the 17th occurred 7.7 earthquake in the province of Awa Lan remote areas most severely affected . According to the provincial government of Balochistan news, more than 300,000 people affected by the earthquake , and in the earthquake, a new island rises from sea level . Balochistan Disaster Management Authorities say at least 348 people confirmed dead and another 514 people were injured. Only Awa Lan area alone, 305 people confirmed dead .

Pakistan's military said troops have been carrying seven tons of food and medicines to the disaster area to help one ton rescue . Another six helicopters also participated in the rescue work . Louis Vuitton Luggage So far, more than 1,000 soldiers were sent to southwestern Balochistan province of Pakistan earthquake worst-hit areas to participate in rescue operations. According to Japan's "Asahi Shimbun" reported on September 25 , South Korea 's ruling National Party Members of Sun Renchun other 10 members to the South Korean parliament made ??an amendment to the Criminal Code . Amendments to , the sports arena in South Korea , Japan and other places to hang Rising Sun flag person will be sentenced to one year imprisonment or 3 million won ( about 17,000 yuan ) fine. September 24 , the amendment has been submitted to the Parliament 's legal Judiciary Committee .

The amendment object of punishment : Louis Vuitton Sunglasses "In Korea, the domestic production of those symbol of Japanese imperialism flag, emblem and clothing , and make it circulate in the country or in public transport , assembly, public gathering places a lot of people who use these items ." . Suggesting the Japanese Rising Sun flag may become the object of legal punishment . South Korean news reports appeared repeatedly held in Japan against Han people holding Rising Sun flag parade scene . In Korea , people will Rising Sun flag as a " symbol of Japanese militarism ." July , held in Seoul, Korea in the East Asian Cup battle, South Korea fans in the audience hung on to write the " nation that forgets its history has no future ," the words of the huge banner and sparked controversy . Louis Vuitton Purses However, South Korean Football Association argued that the Japanese Rising Sun flag waving fans "is the cause of the matter ."

According to foreign reports , Pakistani officials said that on the 25th , the 24th southwestern Baluchistan province currently strong earthquake caused 327 deaths. Quake-hit Awa Lan County 285 corpses have been found , neighboring counties found 42 Coach corpse . Pakistan's southwestern Baluchistan province on the 24th afternoon, a strong earthquake , it was reported that the earthquake occurred at 16:00 local time , the U.S. Geological Survey initially measured a magnitude of 7.4 , focal depth of 29 km , but then modifies the data , Pakistan meteorological Department gives a magnitude of 7.7 . Louis Vuitton Belts Reported that the Pakistan border in Baluchistan province in the country carried out the rescue work . Through the force helicopter has rescued 23 wounded. Authorities have distributed to the disaster area of 2.8 tons of food , 1.2 tons of medicine , 300 blankets and 80 tents, transported to the disaster area by the military .

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