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The Four Major Parties and Their Platforms

Posted by Pete Healey on August 12, 2012 at 9:20 PM

Alright, here's the short version of the narratives that each of the four major parties in America's political system are projecting this year:

The Democrats want us to "Stay Put!" and "Hold the Line!" (So that's why a charismatic, youthful Obama projects such a boring complacency at times!)

The Republicans want us to "Go Back" (to the 80's when it looked like their verson of trickle down economics might work)

The Greens want us to go back even further, to the 30's and the New Deal (It needs a repaint, this New Deal, and we've got some green here! How's that?)

The Libertarians want us to go someplace we've never actually been, and it would require major social upheaval to get us to try it, hence, the "Ron Paul Revolution".

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