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Is This Evenhanded Enough?

Posted by Pete Healey on September 2, 2012 at 10:40 AM

Below is pasted a letter I wrote to the Kingston Daily Freeman of N.Y. about the race in my congressional district:

.LETTER: Both parties fail us

Published: Sunday, September 02, 2012


Dear Editor:

Now that the congressional race in the new 19th District is set, there are several conclusions that may be drawn from both the Democratic primary and from the selection process for both main parties:

•The national parties chose both congressional candidates for us. Neither the Democrat nor the Republican incumbent has run for public elective office before running for Congress.

•The Democratic Party as a whole should be embarrassed, if it had any shame at all, since neither the "machine" candidate nor the "left-wing" candidate could bring even 5 percent of Democrats to the polls. For all their various claims about being the "majority" party or the "99 percent" party, this turnout should serve as a wake-up call.

•The Tea Party isn’t going to be a factor in this campaign. The Democrat insisted early on that his "opponent" is a Tea Party supporter, but that claim has been found to be a wild exaggeration and has apparently been discarded. The other side hasn’t bothered to make the claim that the Democrat is a "left wing socialist" because even Julian Schreibman’s primary opponent, Joel Tyner ,can’t be fairly described that way.

•Neither a CIA lawyer (Schreibman) nor a Marine colonel (Chris Gibson) is going to make an issue out of an annual $700 billion defense budget, which is one of the major factors bankrupting this nation and ruining, not preserving, our standing in the world community.

Neither of these gentlemen, though they were born and raised in the Hudson River Valley, has spent much of his adult life here. Their scant involvement in local politics appears not to matter in the "grooming" process for their campaigns for national office. Then, of course, the winner will spend the majority of his time in Washington, continuing their absence from the district.

Apparently, the Maurice Hinchey era is over in more ways than one: This is a district that wasn’t drawn to protect the incumbent, the Democrat is no "liberal lion," and the winner, whoever it might be, will still be mostly unknown to the people of the district.


New Paltz

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