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Proportional Representation IS modern democracy. The PR Party is an organization founded in 2007 to promote the concepts of proportional representation in New York and the entire US. Most modern democracies in the world today use some form of PR to elect their local and national legislatures and we in this country ought to be doing the same. The time has come to replace the old fashioned two-party-winner-take-all politics that characterizes US politics, and PR provides a modern all-inclusive method of doing it. To contact the PRP, please click here.

Time for PR debate here, as in Great Britain?

The elections on May 6th in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to fill 650 seats in the British parliament have left them with no clear winner. A major part of the reason for this is the disproportional nature of using single-member districts to elect a national legislature. The Liberal-Democratic Party fielded a candidate in nearly every contest and gained about 23% of the total vote nationwide, yet they won only 9% of the seats, about 58. The Labor Party by contrast gained about 29% of the total vote, yet won just about 40% of the seats, and the Conservatives similarly received 36% of the vote but 45% of the seats. The debate about whether to switch to a proportional election system has been ongoing there for the past several years, with a national commission recommending a referendum on the subject. Maybe now they'll get one, because the Liberal-Democrats are avid proponents of such a move and neither Labor nor the Conservatives can take power without them.

If the Brits do go over to a proportional election system, as seems likely now, the U.S. and India will be among the last holdouts of the "British" system of first-past-the-post, winner-take-all elections. When and how do we get the much needed national debate about our own switchover to a proportional elections system going over here, "across the pond", as they say? The time is now, and the place to begin is in New York State, where a discussion about whether to hold a constitutional convention has begun. This debate gives proponents of PR a place to argue our case for what is truly the method of modern democracy that is the election of councils and legislatures by their percentage of the popular vote, a change which requires a change in the constitution of New York State. We hope the British election result will spur on all those who see this as a way out of the morass of our current political culture.

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